SuccessMaker Online

SuccessMaker Online helps students develop core skills in reading and mathematics whether they are K-12 students or adult learners.

K-12 educators can use SuccessMaker Online to help their students be successful by helping them develop the foundation skills and concepts that make the difference in their regular courses. This version offers the same courseware as the LAN version, except that the online version is accessible via the Internet, is fully interactive and has remote teacher management and reporting.

Since SuccessMaker Online is comprehensive enough to stand on its own, adult learners can use it under their own self direction or with assistance.

SuccessMaker Online is available to school districts that provide access to distributed learning courses through LearnNowBC on an annual subscription basis at special pricing, based on the number of users:

  • $55/user (25+ users)
  • $65/user (10-24 users)
  • $75/user (2-9 users).

SuccessMaker products have a significant installed base in BC schools. The online version makes SuccessMaker available for distance and distributed learning and can sometimes be more cost-effective in traditional classroom based schools as well.

SuccessMaker includes:

  • A management system which performs diagnosis and placement to provide fully individualized student instruction and detailed teacher reporting via the web
  • Instructional software for the core skills in mathematics and reading, for most students up to grade 10, and for many through to grade 12, including adult learners
  • The online version features a “teacher efficient” management system, easy-to-read reports and simplified intervention strategies that guarantee all students’ success.

Based on over 30 years of research, SuccessMaker includes a variety of features that provide customized learning for every student:

  • Over 6,000 hours of reading and mathematics
  • IPM (Initial Placement Motion) automatically locates the student's starting level and presents appropriate instruction
  • Dynamic ordering finds the optimal sequence of instruction for each student
  • Continuous progress assessment adapts the course to the student's level, creating a successful learning experience and supporting steady growth, always keeping the student in an optimum learning zone, strand-by-strand
  • Identification of skill areas in which a student is having difficulty enables educators to make individualized instructional decisions
  • Tutorial Intervention employs a variety of instructional strategies when students have difficulty, including checking/re-teaching of prerequisite skills as/when necessary
  • Progress reports that show overall course performance for a student or group of students, allowing for timely interventions and course adjustments
  • Retention check automatically activates at intervals during the learning process to ensure retention of previously presented skills.

For more information on SuccessMaker, including detailed course descriptions please visit the SuccessMaker Canada website

For sales information, training services and answers to questions, please contact Tom Emerson, Manager BC Sales and Service, or phone 250-832-5775.